1What is Mob-IO?

Mob-IO is a way, a mean to safely deliver information and reports from your business datacenters straight on your smartphone or tablet. All you need is a smartphone/tablet running one of the 3 supported operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone) and a few minutes to set up your environment. And it is as easy as it sounds! As the name says, Mob-IO is a mobile reporting solution that allows you to cut costs, increase profit and streamline the business processes in your organization, but most important to connect you to the benefits involved by the mobility and speed age, by offering centralized and customizable remote mobile access to your information resources.

2Complete control with Mob-IO Studio

Thanks to the Mob-IO Studio, the configurable interface of the application, you have complete control on what gets displayed on your smartphone. You may create windows, add controls and attach some private or public data which is stored on your Datacenter. Basically you are creating your own application; we just provide a safe, fast and visually intuitive mean to do so!

3Who does Mob-IO help?

Whether you are

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Mob-IO allows, facilitates and speeds up access to data you need, regardless of their nature.

4Mob-IO client benefits

Everything happens NOW, not "when I will get at work or home"! In this way, you will not miss important moments in your life anymore, either personal or business, and you will be able to use your time, information and financial resources efficiently. From the consumer to the corporate customers, any smartphone user can benefit from Mob-IO solution at an annual cost per user extremely affordable and with a lot of benefits:

5Technical compatibility of Mob-IO

In addition to its usability on the mobile for any user, the Mob-IO integration with IT devices is extremely easy and we can tell you by now that you have never had to deal with an application more friendly than this one. Mob-IO is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and we already have support for the following DBMS (database management systems):

6See it in action. Click on the video below